Farm & Agri-Business in Salinas and Monterey, CA

We are Ag People.

Our Ag Team has a combined 107 years total experience including 2 AFIS certified (Agriculture and Farm Insurance Specialists). 

Whether you’re a local grower or a large processor, we understand the value of insuring your important assets.  At ISU-Pulford Insurance, we’re dedicated to providing the agricultural coverage and the services you need to keep your commercial operation, farm or ranch protected. Now you can focus on maintaining a smooth operation.

As a California grower, packer or shipper, you work hard, and at ISU-Pulford Insurance we want to extend that same courtesy by working hard to keep your operations and assets properly insured. Our insurance specialists will work with you to find policies that best suit the needs of your business.

Designing a specific policy with us gives you the options of coverage in the following areas:

Commercial Farm Package - Property, Liability, Equipment, Autos, Umbrella

  • Growing, Packing and Shipping Operations
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Farm Labor Contractors (including bonds)
  • Fertilizer blenders and Chemical applicators
  • Equipment Implement Dealers
  • Produce Brokers


Food Safety

  • Product Recall, Contamination and Tampering
  • Including third party liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Public Relation expenses - Reestablishing consumer confidence


Loss Control Services

  • We work with carrier loss control teams to ensure you have the type of surveys that bring valued recommendations to enhance your operations and labor force
  • We use independent contractors to provide you with specialized training such as forklift certifications the insurance companies might not be able to provide
  • Our in-house experts will also provide templates for safety manuals and programs as well as  tailgate meeting material in English and Spanish


Your Greatest Asset – Your Life and Key Employees

  • Buy Sell Life Insurance
  • Keep the Ranch Life Insurance
  • Executive Bonus program
  • Deferred Compensation plans for owners and key employees


Aviation/Unmanned Aircraft (UAV/UAS) ground and in flight

  • Hull physical damage
  • Aircraft and Product Liability (including Third Party)
  • Crew/Passenger coverage
  • Including Mexico and Worldwide territory options
  • Terrorism and War Risk
  • Non owned coverage
  • Hangar liability
  • From Light Aircraft/UAV to larger maximum take off weight (MTOW) Aircraft/UAV


H-2A (H2A) Guest Worker Program 

Temporary agriculture program which establishes a means for agriculture employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature.  Employer must petition the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) with an application to the DOL certifying insufficient workers available.

  • Wage & Fringe Benefit Bond approved by DOL with quick 48 hour turnaround and issued locally



  • Owned Truck Tractor/Trailer and Auto coverage
  • Composite rating available
  • Contract, Common, For Hire and Public Trucking
  • Motor Truck Cargo


Foreign Liability

  • Mexico and Worldwide travel and accident (including repatriation)
  • Mexico and Worldwide cargo
  • Mexico and Worldwide auto (including difference in conditions coverage)
  • Mexico and Worldwide workers compensation (voluntary comp)


Environmental Liability

  • Pollution Liability
  • Storage Tanks


Workers Comp/Benefits

  • Traditional Plans - Guaranteed Cost (representing over 50 insurance companies)
  • Deductible Plans
  • Retrospective Rating
  • Captives
  • Alternative Risk programs including ACA compliance warranties
  • Human Resource and Payroll service integration


Inland Marine Coverage

  • Equipment and Tractors
  • Irrigation Pipe
  • Coolers
  • Farm Implements
  • Equipment Breakdown (i.e. well electrical panels, production machinery)


Farm Owners

  • Dwelling: Helps pay for damages to your home and any attached structures for all accidents included in your policy.
  • Personal Property: Covers losses due to damage, or theft of personal property.
  • Liability: Helps pay for legal fees, medical expenses and other losses that result from covered injuries or damage to other people’s property.


Professional/Management Liability

  • Pesticide/Herbicide Applicators Errors & Omissions Coverage
  • Security Liability – Cyber & Privacy
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability (including Wage & Hour)


Farm Livestock Insurance


Equine Insurance

  • Full Mortality and Theft: Insures your horse against death.
  • Major Medical Coverage: Provides reimbursement for the cost of medical and surgical bills.
  • Loss of Use: Compensation in the fact that your horse becomes permanently unable to perform the duty for which it was insured.
  • Stallion Infertility: Coverage if your stallion is incapable of producing offspring.

Why Farm Insurance?

We can help you put a program together where you are transferring risk and evaluating what you can control to keep costs in your insurance program manageable.  Your business is your livelihood and you can never be too cautious. When accidents do happen, you want a broker that is knowledgeable and can guide you through the claims process.  At ISU-Pulford Insurance, we can help you be proactive with proper coverage so that your equipment, buildings, and even lost income can be covered in the event that an unforeseen circumstance disrupts your operations.

Just as you’ve worked hard to build your operations into a business, ISU-Pulford Insurance will work even harder to ensure that your business is adequately protected.

We provide agriculture and farm & ranch insurance solutions throughout California and Arizona, with our specialty in the Salinas Valley.

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