February - 2016

The mantra “if you build it, they will come” worked in our favor when we wanted the best Food Safety Expert for the Pulford Ag Advantage program.  In August 2015 Katherine Cahill, Founder and CEO of Cahill Consultants contacted Cecilia Kennedy, Pulford’s Vice President of Operations from her New York headquarters.  She had heard about the Product Recall program we developed as part of the Ag Advantage and wanted to hear more.  She was intrigued and flew to Salinas to meet with Cecilia and Pulford’s President Jeff Pulford.  Katherine said our method and target were exactly where she saw the Product Recall market going and said it was brilliant.  She further stated that she wanted to get involved.  As the globally recognized “go to” expert on the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, we could not have found a better partner consultant for our advantage programs.  Her expertise in regulatory compliance and product safety throughout her 30+ year career in handling over 6,000 product recalls gave her endorsement of our program.  This was a strong boost. 

During the past 6 months, we have met and spoke with Katherine on a number of occasions.  When Barbara Randall of Great American’s newly formed Product Recall program called Cecilia Kennedy in November, we knew going to Ohio in December was critical to see if this platform was a good fit for the Advantage program.  Katherine Cahill and her team’s expertise will be available for pre-incident and post incident responses.  We quickly saw these two resources as a win-win partnership for Pulford on a national scale.

Katherine Cahill spent January 26th and 27th with us in Salinas and we enjoyed a busy agenda full of meetings with Salinas Valley and Monterey County organizations discussing Food Safety.  We started with the Grower-Shipper Association, meeting first with President Jim Bogart and Vice President Abby Taylor-Silva.  Being able to bring a global expert to the Salinas Valley as our expert and resource was a tremendous opportunity as Jeff Pulford pointed out.  This was one of the very few occasions; the Grower-Shipper Association’s Water Committee has ever invited an Associate member to speak.  They were interested in the newly offered Flood for Top Soil Erosion, a major focus during the current El Nino.  Cecilia Kennedy introduced the program components and Katherine Cahill spoke about her background and experience and services for our program.   Jeff Pulford shared some insight on the structure of the program.  It was well received and we heard various other committee issues shared by Abby Taylor Silva and Norm Groot, Executive Director of the Farm Bureau.

We also had lunch with ISU’s Agency Network President Steve Pearson and Relationship Manager Marti Romaneck discussing our plans for broker training and taking the program national.  On many occasions during visits to SF headquarters and regional conference, Jeff and Cecilia have discussed the value of Katherine Cahill to the Pulford Advantage programs.  We were pleased Steve and Marti were able to come to Salinas to have the opportunity to hear her expertise first hand.  Here we are at Corral de Tierra Country Club.

With the launch of the new Product Recall program, our marketing efforts have shifted and our Flood for Top Soil Erosion KION TV ad will now share the stage.  We taped an ad that will soon show on the KION Ag report as well as This Week in Agribusiness featuring Katherine Cahill regarding Product Recall.

We are excited about the growth of our programs and the unique opportunity we have to bring a global expert to our area.


January - 2016

Recently Jeff Pulford, President and Cecilia Kennedy, VP of Operations travelled to Cincinnati Ohio by invitation to Great American Insurance Group’s headquarters.   They unveiled the pre-launch of a new Product Recall program designed to target businesses with under $250,000,000 in sales.   It was a great opportunity to review policy forms and give first hand insight directly to an insurance company about what our insureds are looking for.  The 2 days of meetings were strategy sessions with Great American’s E&S Division team - Mark Lonneman, Divisional President; Barbara Randall, Divisional Vice President; Brian DeSoto, Divisional Senior Vice President and Kyle Enderle, Senior Underwriter and with  Katherine Cahill, CEO of Cahill Consultants joining by conference call.  At the end of the last session, Barbara said they wanted a partnership with Pulford Insurance based on the level of expertise demonstrated.  Cecilia was able to negotiate the addition of Product Refusal into their forms and also explain the need for tiered pricing for different levels of exposure (i.e. produce brokers vs. growers).  Jeff was able to bring a solid and productive discussion about stakeholders.  Great American has a long-time national presence in the insurance industry and we are pleased to join forces with them for Product Recall, one of our top focuses in our Pulford Ag and Business Advantage programs.

A few photos from the trip:


Left:  Cecilia Kennedy, VP Operations, Pulford Insurance | Mark Lonneman – Divisional President, Specialty E & S, Great American Insurance Group | Jeff Pulford, President, Pulford Insurance | Barbara Randall – Divisional Vice President, Specialty E&S, Great American Insurance 

Right:  Cecilia Kennedy, VP Operations, Pulford Insurance | Barbara Randall – Divisional Vice President, Specialty E&S, Great American Insurance | Jeff Pulford, President, Pulford Insurance 


Left:  Brian DeSoto – Divisional Sr. Vice President, Specialty E&S, Great American Insurance Group 

Right:  Cecilia Kennedy, VP Operations, Pulford Insurance | Kyle Enderle – Senior Underwriter, Product Recall, Specialty E&S, Great American Insurance Group |  Barbara Randall – Divisional Vice President, Specialty E&S, Great American Insurance 

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